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The Benefits of Working Remotely For Employees

Cedric Jackson

April 22, 2021

Remote work is quickly becoming a norm.

It brings many benefits to employers and employees alike.

From flexibility to work-life balance, explore how working remotely can benefit you. 

No Commute

Right off the bat, remote work saves you the hassle of a commute.

You don’t have to wake up as early or go to sleep as late. You get extra free time.

You also don’t need a car or reliable transportation. Plus, you don’t have the expenses and hassles related to a commute. No time wasted in the car or train when you could be doing something else. 

Overall, the lack of commute: 

  • Gives you more time for other activities
  • Saves you money
  • Lets you sleep in or go to sleep early
  • Minimizes depreciation of your car 

Improved Flexibility

The biggest reason many people opt for remote work is flexibility. Nearly everything about remote work is flexible, including: 

  • Where you work (at home, at a coffee shop, on vacation, etc.) 
  • What hours you work
  • What you wear while working (no office dress code to worry about)
  • If you listen to music while you work 
  • The type of desk or workspace you use
  • Getting a pet

Let’s take a closer look at some of these starting with the last point of getting a pet.

Pets notoriously need someone on hand, at least in the beginning.

That makes it impossible to get one if you work outside of the home.

But, working from home gives you the flexibility to plan your breaks to take care of your pet’s needs. 

Or what about the type of desk you use?

If you work in an office, you likely have a standard desk and chair. Maybe you can ask for a standing desk or something else. But that’s not always possible. It’s different when you work remotely.

You can choose everything about your space since you set it up. Choose a standing desk or a normal one. Choose your type of chair or even an exercise ball. Everything’s up to you. 

Easier to Fit Into Your Life

All of the above flexibility benefits also make it easier to fit remote work into your life. Do you have a kid but want to work? You can work at night while your child is asleep. 

Do you prefer to live in a small town or rural area? You can work without worrying about a long commute. 

Even things like doctor’s appointments become easier to schedule. 

Improved Work-life Balance

When done right, you can get a better work-life balance working from home.

This largely comes from the lack of commute. You get an extra few minutes or even hours in your day. That lets you enjoy life more. 

The flexibility of remote work also adds to your work-life balance. After all, you can schedule your workday based on when you are free. You don’t have to miss major events like birthdays and anniversaries. You adjust your hours accordingly. 

Save Money

The lack of commute is one way you’ll save money by working remotely. Also, think about the other expenses with working in an office: 

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Parking 
  • Professional wardrobe
  • Meals out (breakfast and lunch)
  • Coffee out 
  • After-work social activities 

Of course, you may still have some of the above expenses. Especially if you occasionally work in a coffee shop. But even then, you will reduce your costs.

One estimate says that working from home for just half the time may save you $4,000 each year.

Higher Productivity

Making the switch to remote work can also boost your productivity.

Experts believe this comes from reduced office-related distractions.

It also comes from the lack of commute and extra coffee breaks. 

Reduced Sick Days and Better Morale

Working remotely tends to improve your overall mood.

You are less likely to get burnt out, possibly from the same reasons you are more productive. This leads to fewer mental health days. It also means fewer sick days. 

The need to take fewer days off lets you save them for when you really need them.

It also helps you stick to deadlines without as much stress. After all, everyone has had a sick day that made it hard to meet a deadline. 

Helps You Be Healthier

Some of the previous points also contribute to your overall health. 

Think about the flexibility you have in terms of meals.

If you work from home, you can make a quick lunch in the kitchen or eat something that requires only refrigeration or reheating. This lets you make healthier choices. 

Or think about how you have more free time in the day. You can use that to get some exercise. You also don’t have to worry about coworkers exposing you to illness. 

Living an Eco-friendlier Life

If one of your goals is to have an environmentally friendly life, remote work is the way to go.

Just the lack of commute will dramatically reduce your impact on the planet.

There is no gas consumption nor greenhouse gas emission without the commute. 

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