We help people and companies unleash their creative genius.

What's this about?

Art, design, development, writing, sound design. Creative work is the best kind of work.

But red tape sucks.

COVID-19 proved to the world that remote by default is possible.

We're here to cement that truth.

Who we are

Damir Vazgird Avatar

Damir Vazgird

Damir is the technical point. He only writes code for things he likes. Sure, this is noble. But try being on the same team as him.

Greg Albritton Avatar

Greg Albritton

Greg is an application developer. He's neutral about most things in life. Every now and then, shipping code seems to put a smile on his face but it's yet to be confirmed.

Husam Machlovi Avatar

Husam Machlovi

Husam is the design point. He says he's a great listener, but in reviewing his meeting transcripts, we found that he sure does a lot of the talking.

Marika Mikeladze Avatar

Marika Mikeladze

Marika is a user experience designer. When she’s not working on client projects, she’s designing experiences for her family, friends, neighbors, and pets. In short, she’s a little coocoo about design.

Why remote?


We believe that if your employees can do their work autonomously, you have an obligation to let them do so. Remote work gives people back time, the most important currency.


The biggest blocker to creative output is interruption. Ad-hoc meetings, the pressure to "look busy", unpredictable commutes. Remote work solves these headaches.


Employees are the most important stakeholders. Let them craft their work environments. Give them the freedom to make work more fun.

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