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Why another job board?

Today's job boards are broken. Instead of solving the biggest hiring problems, they feed into them.

Sure, we've come a long way with modern web and mobile solutions. But a few big problems still run rampant.

Workplace discrimination ruins businesses and makes work suck. It leads to echo chambers that result in poor decision making, more churn, and less opportunities for really talented people. And discrimination all starts at the hiring phase.

During hiring, recruiters or hiring managers (to no fault of their own) become biased by the smallest details. This could mean that the prospective employees that make it to the first round interview are getting there for the wrong reasons.

Job boards also provide no insight into the workplace culture.

Despite the very unfortunate circumstances, we're happy so many companies are recognizing the value of remote work. And yet, many companies are doing remote work all wrong.

Some companies are asking employees to be on video all-day while working remotely. Many remote professionals don't like this way of work. Job applicants should know these details before they waste their time going through the hiring process.

Remote Creative Work is using software to make hiring more friendly.

We're building a new type of job board. A job board that helps both employees and employers make better decisions about whether they want to work together.

We're focused on helping tomorrow's brands find the world's most diverse and talented remote creative professionals.

Who we are

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Damir Vazgird

Damir is the technical point. He only writes code for things he likes. Sure, this is noble. But try being on the same team as him.

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Husam Machlovi

Husam is the design point. He says he's a great listener, but in reviewing his meeting transcripts, we found that he sure does a lot of the talking.

Why remote?


Finding unity in diversity leads to better business outcomes, and workplace relationships.


We believe that if your employees can do their work autonomously, you have an obligation to let them do so. Remote work gives people back time, the most important currency.


The biggest blocker to creative output is interruption. Ad-hoc meetings, the pressure to "look busy", unpredictable commutes. Remote work solves these headaches.


Employees are the most important stakeholders. Let them craft their work environments. Give them the freedom to make work more fun.

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