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How to Hire the Best Remote Creatives

Cedric Jackson

March 11, 2021

Hiring remote creatives doesn't have to be an overwhelming task.

Use the following guide as a checklist during the hiring process. With some simple advice, you'll be on track to hire the best creative professionals for the job.

Craft the Right Job Description

Start on the right foot with remote hiring as you create the job description. Make sure to include the term “virtual” or “remote” in the job title. This will automatically attract people looking for remote work. This is ideal as they will likely have the self-motivation and communication skills you want in a remote worker. 

As you create the job description, be honest and clear about your expectations. Include what time zone your company is in and whether you are okay with flexible work schedules. If their workday has to include certain hours, mention that. Speaking of schedules, clarify if asynchronous work is acceptable. 

Also include the tools your team uses in the job description. This will give potential employees a better idea of what to expect. It also helps you attract remote workers who have experience with those tools. 

Do your best to add detail to the job description. Describe the typical daily tasks they can expect. Provide examples of past work from similar roles. 

Ask For A Writing Sample

During the application process, ask for a writing sample. Even if the primary task isn't writing, written communication is crucial for remote work. This is particularly true for asynchronous remote work. More here on the critical skills for effective remote work.

A simple solution is to require a cover letter. That will give you a feel for the applicant’s writing. At the same time, it helps you decide whether they have the skills you need. 

Chat Via Video and Text

The interview process for remote work will likely include a video call. This is important as it lets you see body language. However, don’t neglect to also talk via chat or another text-based method. 

Chatting allows you to confirm that the applicant can clearly express their ideas in written form. Given that most remote jobs communicate primarily via chat or email, this is crucial. 

If you can, have the applicant enter a chatroom with you and colleagues. This will help show their written collaborative skills in a different setting. It will also give you a preview as to whether they will get along with their colleagues. 

Ask for a Sample Task

One of the best ways to assess how well an applicant will do in a role is to set them on a sample task. This should be a small exercise that is related to the work they will do if hired.

This type of exercise serves several purposes. It can confirm that the applicant has the skills they claim. It also gives you an idea of the quality of work they produce. 

Ideally, you want to pay the applicant for their work. This will show them that you value their time. It helps cement expectations that they will be fairly reimbursed for their work. 

Know Where to Look for Remote Hiring

Part of remote hiring is knowing where to list the position or look for applicants. You can ask current employees if they know anyone who would be good for the role. You can also ask stakeholders, investors, or networking contacts. 

Depending on your company, you may even want to reach out to the user base. This can be as simple as adding a notice that you’re hiring on your website. You can also create blog posts or post on social media. 

Of course, you should also post job listings through websites that appeal to remote workers with the desired skill set. You can easily combine multiple methods. After all, the more applicants you have, the more selective you can be. 

Consider Offering Perks

Because remote workers tend to fall into a different category than regular employees, they don’t always get perks. You can attract the best talent by offering something that makes your company stand out.

Some ideas: Unlimited time off, a stipend for employees to set up their remote office, a standing desk, fitness memberships, annual events

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