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What Are the Best Remote Jobs to Find?

Cedric Jackson

June 24, 2021

In the past, remote jobs were very limited. There were only some roles that you could complete at home.

As technology and internet connections improve, the options for remote jobs grow dramatically.

If you plan to work remotely, you might want to know which remote job option is best for you.

The Best Remote Job Depends on You

The most important thing to remember is that the best remote job depends entirely on you. Your skills, interests, and desires will determine what's best for you. 

For example, maybe being a developer would be the best remote job for someone with coding skills.

If you are more artistic, maybe your best choice would be graphic design. Or maybe your best remote job would be entry-level, such as customer service. 

As you think about which remote job is best for you, think about: 

  • The required skills
  • Your interests
  • The flexibility 
  • The required technology
  • Your learning curve

With that in mind, the following are some of the most popular remote jobs you may want to consider. 


The ever-increasing technology means that accountants can now work remotely. You just need the right software and skills. 

Customer Support

Customer support roles are everywhere you look online. They also typically have low experience and skill requirements. This makes them a strong choice regardless of your training, as you will get on-the-job training. For those with more experience, advanced roles are also available. 

Data Entry Clerk

This is a great remote job regardless of your experience and skills. You can enter data from your home and frequently don’t even need special software. 


When most people think of remote jobs, they imagine ones in tech. Being a developer is among the most prevalent remote jobs.

There are plenty of opportunities as you can develop games, apps, or websites. You can be a full-stack developer, a front-end developer, or a back-end developer. The options make it fairly easy to find a job that matches your preference and skills. 

English Teacher

Given the rising global demand for learning English, teaching it is a great remote opportunity. You should speak English fluently and understand its grammar. You will need to create lesson plans and have communication skills. 

Graphic Designer

Most graphic design jobs can be done remotely. These include work for themes, websites, user interfaces, and more. This job is particularly great for those with artistic skills or who are highly creative. 

HR Specialist for Onboarding

Those with experience in HR may want to look for onboarding roles. Most of the recruiting and onboarding process can take place online. As such, this role is easily adaptable to remote work. 

(Your Own) Online Business

Depending on your passions, it may make sense to create your own remote job instead of finding one. If you have the funds to start a business and a unique idea, this can be a good answer. Your business can focus on anything you want. If you sell products, you can easily ship them from your house. If you sell services, you can deliver them remotely. 

Just keep in mind that this option has a lot of unique challenges. You will likely work long hours. You will also have to take the time to legally set up your business. Because of that, starting an online business will only appeal to some people. 

Online Marketer

For those in the marketing industry, online marketing is a great transition to remote work. There are many types of online or digital marketing, allowing for specialization. This role is also always in-demand as companies need to promote themselves. 


While sales have been made in person traditionally, that is changing. There are a growing number of sales roles that let you work remotely. Just keep in mind that some travel may still be necessary, depending on the job.

Social Media Manager

For those with social media skills, becoming a social media manager can be the best job. You can easily do this role from home with online communication. You should be familiar with the various social media platforms before taking this role. 


People with strong listening skills can find a remote job as a transcriber. Even with the rise of AI transcription programs, this skill is still in demand. AI programs simply aren’t accurate enough yet. 


If you are fluent in at least two languages, you may want to look for translating work. This can easily be done from home. Even better, rising global connectedness means this job is in high demand. 

Virtual Assistant

For those with administrative experience, you may want to become a virtual assistant. This involves many of the same roles as an administrative assistant but virtually. You should have good organization and communication skills. 


There are a lot of remote jobs involving writing that you can choose from. You can work as a journalist writing for major websites. If your skills are not quite honed enough for journalism, you can write in other ways.

You can do content writing for websites and blogs. You can write books, either under your name or as a ghostwriter. 

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