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8 Creative Jobs You Can Do Remotely

Cedric Jackson

February 25, 2021

The options to work remotely are increasing fast. And with more of our lives taking place on the web, businesses and brands face a new challenge:

"How can we stand out in the digital marketplace?"

Brands are seeking the help of creative professionals to help respond to this important question.

If you want to only limit yourself to jobs that encourage or require creativity, you will have your choice of jobs.

Explore some of the creative jobs you can do remotely. 


For those who enjoy writing, you can choose from various types of remote work requiring this skill. You can work remotely as a content writer, copywriter, ghostwriter, or contributing author.

Some people get their start with blogs. This can be a slow start but provides a nice base of experience. However, most writers will want to move beyond blogs to make a profit. Another independent option that can lead to mixed results is self-publishing e-books. 

Want a steady income with creative writing? Look for:

  • Technical writing
  • Copywriting
  • Content writing
  • Ghostwriting

Technical writing for training, manuals, and online help articles is a great option. Copywriting is good for those who like persuasive writing or marketing.  Content writing can let you write about various topics to help with companies’ SEO. 


Illustration offers plenty of unique opportunities.

You can illustrate children’s books. You can work in criminal justice. You can illustrate medical books.

Other options include advertising, corporate work, editorials, fashion, multimedia, and merchandising. Merchandising can include illustrations for greeting cards, shirts, and more. Illustration jobs can be full-time and remote or freelance.

As more brands look to stand out in the digital space, illustration skills are becoming higher in demand.

Music Production

Music production is another job that you can do remotely.

You can produce your own music and do everything yourself. Or, you can be a remote producer for other musicians. You would create background tracks and send them to the musician. The musician would record themselves with the track. Then, you would make any edits. 

You can also get into producing music or sound effects for content creators. With the rise of video, podcasting, streaming and audio networks, more content creators will seek the help of musicians to augment their content quality.

There's also sonic branding, a field that's continuing to expand as brands invest more into podcasts and media content. Sonic branding is the art of creating an audio logo, like Apple's chime on start up or the popular AT&T bells.

One thing to note is that to pursue a career in music, you'll need more equipment than some of the other remote jobs. At the bare minimum, you need a computer, headphones and a DAW (Digital Work Station like Logic Pro or GarageBand). Later, you could invest into a separate microphone and an audio interface.

UX and UI Design

The fastest growing careers in the design space is user experience and user interface design.

UX and UI designers make the products that we use every day. From the native messaging app on your phone to your favorite social media apps, UX and UI designers are modern product designers.

This role is part psychology, part technology, part design. And it can all be done with a computer, internet connection and free software, like Figma. 

And the great thing about UX and UI design is that within it, there are so many different opportunities. All of which can be done remotely:

  • User research
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping
  • Animation design

Social Media

Managing social media is still a fairly new job, but it is a great option if you want to work remotely.

Social media management involves maintaining the social media account of a company. You create posts and talk to users. Your creativity shines through in the posts you make. You can also use it to create effective strategies for social media.

This job is ideal for people seeking to work remotely as social media is all online. That means you can be anywhere while fulfilling your tasks. 

Here's some of the jobs you can do within social media:

  • Content creation
  • Community management
  • Social media paid marketing

Video Production

Video production is another job you can do remotely but requires plenty of equipment. You can choose from two video methods.

You can record new content for a video. This requires an area you can use as a set. Or, you can use stock footage or animation to illustrate a video. 

If you are starting with video production, you can use your smartphone. Some programs connect your high-quality smartphone camera to your desktop or laptop. You can also get higher-quality equipment. However, you will need to get video editing software. 

As with music production, you can produce your own videos to create an online following. Or you can produce videos for clients.

This could include editing videos for vloggers or influencers. You can also opt to produce videos for companies seeking to grow their online presence. With the right tools and experience, you can even produce professional videos remotely. 

Front-end Development

Software development is a highly creative field. Best of all, it only requires you to have access to a computer and the internet.

You can work as a front-end developer, working on the user-facing elements of a website or mobile app. You get to be creative in how you create the features the client wants.

This job appeals to those who want a steady job working remotely. It also appeals to those who prefer to freelance. 

Back-end Development

Back-end development is similar to front-end development. The difference is that it focuses on creating the parts of an app or website people don’t see. You get to use creativity to solve problems and create solutions. 

Both back-end and front-end development are in high demand. It can also be self-paced and appeal to those with a range of skill levels. Conveniently, you can also find online programs to help you hone your development skills. 

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