Front-End Developer

@ With Pulp

Front-End Developer @ With Pulp




Job Description

With Pulp is looking for a Front-End developer to help develop user-interfaces for our Client and internal projects. 

This includes 

Technical requirements:

  • Strong command of HTML/CSS and JavaScript
  • 3+ years of front-end development experience
  • Working knowledge with React, Vue and/or other modern JS frameworks

Bonus points if:

  • Drupal 8 experience
  • Experience working with Gatsby and other SSCGs

Soft skills:

  • Self-starter
  • Loves working asynchronously
  • Loves learning

About With Pulp

Code and Content for Conscious Brands.


With Pulp is a human-centered code and content studio. We're a tribe of artists, designers, developers, directors and writers.

We produce Websites, Mobile Apps and Content that helps creative professionals build great things.

Our values help us create an environment that we love being a part of and that produces good creative work.

  1. Play the long game. We love creative work and creative people. With our People and Clients, we contribute our deepest attention and kindness. We want to enjoy who we work with and continue doing this for the rest of our lives.
  2. Better business starts within: The better we feel about showing up, the better business we can do. Everyone at With Pulp brings their own perspective, leads their own projects, works from anywhere they’d like and on their own schedule.
  3. Your soul has to be in it. Our work is our love and we invest it intentionally. We only do business with people we believe are smart and honest. We only take on projects that move us. We only make promises we can keep.
  4. Effective work and play. We measure contributions in value and not in time. We prefer working in several sessions throughout the day, and on our own time. Work/life balance is an integral part of who we are.

Hiring process

Hiring Manager: Husam Machlovi

Anticipated start date: 03/29/2021

Interview process:

We have a lean hiring process and we pay for any challenges that we ask prospective employees to complete.

There are a total of 5 stages. If you pass a stage, you are moved onto the next one.

  1. Application review
  2. Phone/video interview with Department Lead
  3. Cross-functional phone/video interview
  4. Role-specific challenge. We will ask you to complete a challenge related to this role
  5. Offer. If our Team feels there's a good fit following the challenge, we will extend an Offer.

We take hiring very seriously, and make it a priority to be very responsive and communicative with our candidates.

Thank you for your interest in the role at With Pulp.