Senior Front End Engineer, Notebooks

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Senior Front End Engineer, Notebooks




Job Description

  • Core Engineering For Netflix, success means pleasing our 200 Million+ members around the world with great content. While data is vital to our success, it's only as valuable as the problems it can solve. Increasingly, we rely on data science, engineering and applied machine learning (ML) to find novel ways to increase member joy.

The business of applying Data Science effectively and productively is far from sorted out. The Notebooks team exists to boost the productivity of the data science and engineering community at Netflix. This means that they can spend more time solving their business problems and less time engineering lower-level systems. We need a Senior Software Engineer to help make this vision a reality!

Opportunities to make an impact

  • Build UIs that enable rapid, interactive exploration of data
  • Develop frontends that unite large-scale systems for accessing and processing data
  • Envision the next-generation user experiences for interactive development and storytelling with data
  • Shape the future of how teams at Netflix share knowledge and collaborate with data

About Us We're a diverse team with a shared passion for helping humans become more productive. We enable our colleagues in data science, data engineering, machine learning and analytics to rapidly, collaboratively and confidently explore and interact with Netflix data.

Success means that our users have delightful and distraction-free solutions to everyday problems like:

  • How can I easily access data and explore it interactively?
  • How can I collaborate with my peers to quickly iterate on a notebook?
  • How can I quickly prototype machine learning models and get them into production?
  • How can I explain my work to my colleagues and solicit their feedback?
  • How can I discover, learn from and leverage my colleagues' work?
  • How can I share insights with stakeholders?
  • How can I schedule a production job and understand unexpected results?
  • Why does my model not behave as expected or plot correctly a prediction?

Our team builds and maintains its own Notebooks service at Netflix to accelerate and transform the way people use and produce data in enterprise. We build and leverage notebook technologies that are beloved in the data science community. In the frontend, we use a combination of JavaScript frontend technologies and increasingly rely on the popular React framework and Nteract. We also integrate with other products that are built with WebComponents. In the backend, we have built services and protocols on top of Scala, GraphQL, Node.js and some Python. Our goal is to act as a multiplier to the productivity of every engineer dealing with data at Netflix.

About You You share our passion to help humans become more productive. You have expertise envisioning simple yet powerful user experiences and making them a reality through frontend development. You are probably not familiar with Notebook technologies, and that's OK! As an experienced software engineer, we expect you'll be excited to roll up your sleeves, apply your skills and learn a lot as we navigate these challenges together.

We're looking for strengths on the following dimensions, but don't expect any single person to possess all of these:

  • You're an expert in JavaScript and/or Typescript; familiarity with Node.js, WebComponents, browser technologies such as service workers, and/or React.js is helpful.
  • You have great attention to detail and have experience in library or protocol design. A plus if you’ve built and maintained large-scale JavaScript apps or participated in open-source development.
  • You have created developer tools before; perhaps you are familiar with the Language Server Protocol, js-based editor integrations, VS Code or other cloud IDE plugin architecture or internals.
  • You are familiar with data visualization and maybe you could quickly learn to navigate and incorporate changes to popular plotting libraries. Previous data science experience is helpful.
  • You have a high degree of empathy for users of your products. You've envisioned and seen to fruition delightful user experiences. Perhaps you even act as a product manager when the need arises.
  • You're a big picture thinker. You build for the long term, contextualizing your work as part of a larger ecosystem. You work hard to build intuitive tools that are simple.
  • You love prototyping and are proud of some of the rapid learnings you've enabled your team to achieve by transforming concepts into working prototypes that eager users can get their hands on.

To learn more about Netflix culture, see We are excited to discuss with you how it applies to our team, and how Netflix values permeate our approach to work. APPLY NOW Share this listing:

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Hiring process

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